Resultater 2017

NTK Rasegruppe for Bull terrier, Open Show Solbergfoss 17. Juni 2017. Dommer; Chris Wright, UK. (Rightstuff). 


BIS valp og beste hode tispe valp; Martials Breed Fit for Fame 

BIM valp og beste hode hannvalp; Buffalo Bulls Polar Bear. 


Beste bevegelser tispevalp; Buffalo Bulls Precious Panda 


Beste hannhund klasse 

BIS; Buffalo Bulls Orvar O`Brian 

og Beste hannhundshode Sagacious Rifleman 

3 Quattro Paws Voodoo Preto 

Bullenoias Rebel 

5 Sagacious Captain Marvel 


Beste hannhund bevegelser; Golden League Star Fruit Surf Rider 


Beste tispe klasse 

BIM; Pariben Devils Advocat 

2 og beste bevegelser tispe; Pariben Devils Essence 

3 Dulciana Bluebell 

og beste tispehode – BIS Senior; Mad About Bullweiser. 

5 Sagacious Kiss me Quick 


BIM Senior; Mad About Belgissimus 

BIS Veteran; Buffalo Bulls Germanmaid Greta. 


Beste handler; Anja Gylder Corneliussen 

Beste oppdretterklasse; Bullenoia 

Beste avlsklasser; Golden League Star Fruit Surf Rider og Dazlin Diamonique 

Fotografer; Mimmi Elg og Johan Pettersson. 







Detaljerte resultater Open Show 2017: 


Tispe Valp 6 – 9  mnd 

8-Martial´s Breed Fit For Fame: 1 BIS VALP, sp. HodeBeste hode tispevalp – Brindle bitch, g. head, g. mouth, corr. bite, g. expression, well placed ears, mod. length of back, moved close behind. 

4-Artwork Frenzy: 2 – Brindle bitch, well balanced, moderate length, tight feet, reasonable eye, would benefit from more fill in head, good honest bitch, corr. mouth. 

5-Buffalo Bull´s Precious Panda: 3, sp. BevegelseBeste bevegelser tispe valp– Well balanced bitch, g. shoulder, mod. length of back, straight front, g. feet, moved well, two tight canineone incessive out of line. 

7-Artwork Forever Yours: 4 – White bitch, straight front, g. feet, decent profile with good eye, short back, g. shoulders, unfortunate mouthfault, inverted canine, movement close. 

3-Chorpus Robustus Chombia: 5 – White bitch w/ black ear, average head, corr. mouth, straight front, g. quarters, very much a baby, needs to mature, good eye, lovely. 


Hannhund Valp 6 – 9 mnd: 

2-Buffalo Bull´s Polar Bear: 1 BIM VALP, sp. HodeBeste hode hann valp – White male, g. head, straight front, tight feet, g. topline, g. rear end, moved close behind, unfortunate mouthfault. 


Hannhund Junior 9 – 15 mnd: 

11-Bullenoias Rebel: 1HP, 4BHK, sp. hode/bevegelse – g. profile, level bite, g. expr. Straight front, g. length of back, g. quarters, terriertype, moved well, well handled. 

9-Bullenoias Ragnar Lothbrok: 2HP – White dog, powerful, g. head, g. eye, g. straight front and tight feet, g. shoulders and quarters, g. tailplacement, corr. bite, g. bone, moved adequate. 

12-Quest Eager beaver: 3 – Red dog, very much a baby, straight front, g. neck, mod. length of back, well set tail, g. quarters, corr. mouth with big teeth. 

10-Shaka Savoy Rullade Frank: 4, sp. bevegelse  White dog, good substance, straight front, g. quarters, moved well, unfortunate mouthfault, wall eye. 


Hannhund Unghund 15-24 mnd: 

13-Sagacious Captain Marvel: 1HP, 5BHK  Bb dog, good bones, moderate length of back, strong head, one tight canine, moves close in rear, well laid shoulders. 

14-Bullenoias Pilgrim: 2, sp. bevegelse – White dog, well balanced, g. bone, g. mouth, moved well, g. depth of chest, g. feet, straight front. 


Hannhund Åpen Klasse 2 – 4 år: 

21-Buffalo Bull´s Orvar O´Brian: 1HP, 1BHK, BIS, sp. hode/bevegelse  Tri dog, top quality, g. front, g. depth of chest, g. length of neck, g. head, corr. mouth, wicked expr., well placed ears, well set tail, moved well. 

16-Sagacious Rifleman: 2HP, 2BHK, beste hode, sp. hode – White dog, quality, g. profile, corr. mouth, wicked eye, g. length of neck, short back, g. quarters, g. forechest, adequate movement. 

25-Emred Rio Diablo: 3, sp. handler/hode – Red dog, very powerful, g. head/expr. , tight canine, straight front, g. depth of chest, would like more bend of stifle, g. tailset, moves close behind, g. condition. 

27-Golden League Star Fruit Surf Rider: 4, beste bevegelser, sp. hode/bevegelse – Lovely rich brindle, straight front, g. head, corr. mouth, g. eye, moderate length of back, g. quarters, moved well, another quality dog. 

15-Quest Zinfadel: 5 – Tri dog, g. front, g. shoulders, g. depth of chest, corr. mouth, g. quarters, g. length of neck, moved with drive, g. eye. 


Hannhund Åpen Klasse 4 – 7 år: 

28-Quatro Paws Woodoo Preto: HP1, 3BHK, sp. bevegelse – Well put together, straight front, short back, g. quarters, level bite, moved well. 

29-Mad About Magneto: 2 – Average head, level bite, straight front, well balanced, g. quarters, well set tail, moved ok. 

33-Mad About Wolverine: 3 – Brindle dog, powerful head, corr. mouth, straight front, short back, g. quarters, kind expression, moved ok. 

30-Martials Breed Big Gambler: 4 – Solid brindle, g. expr. lacks fill, straight front, mod. length of back,  g. bone, g. quarters, movement ok. 

32-Eddy Celtic Virus: 5 – Brindle dog, well put together behind the neck, would benefint from more fill and sharper eye, straight front, g. quarters. 


Hannhund Senior: 

36-Mad about Belgissimus: HP1, BIM senior – G. profile, g. eye, g. neck, straight front, tight feet, g. quarters, showed well, movement ok. 


Tispe Unghund 9-15 mnd 

38-Bullenoias Rosa Tenebrae: HP1, sp. hode – White bitch, well balanced, g. eye, g. head, mouth ok, straight front, g. length of neck, holds topline on move, nice bitch. 

41-Steadfast Last Dancer: 2 – White bitch, g. head, undershot, g. expr, g. short back, nicely balanced, straight front, moves close behind, g. coming forward. 


Tispe Unghund 15 – 24 mnd: 

39-Sagacious Kiss Me Quick: HP1, 5BTK, sp. hode – Brindle bitch, v.g. profile w. corr. mouth, g. eye, g. neck, straight front, g. depth of chest, g. quarters, moved close behind. 

42-Bullenoias Queen of Everything: HP2 – Brindle bitch, very well constructed, g. font, g. expr. wicked eye, mod length of back, g. quarters, moves close behind. 

44-Bullenoias Queen Black Dragon: 3, sp. bevegelse – Bb bitch, well made, g. head, 2 tight canines, straight front, g. expr., g. quarters, moved well. 

43-Bullenoias Queen Amidala: 4, sp hode/bevegelse  White bitch, well constructed, g.- head, corr. mouth, straight front, short back, g. expr., nice feet, moved well. 

40-Bullenoias Queen Elisabeth: 5, sp. bevegelse – White bitch, well balanced, g. expr., straight front, g. head, corr. mouth, g. quarters, moved well. 


Tispe Åpen Klasse 2 – 4 år:  

51-Pariben Devils Advocate: HP1, 1BTK BIM, sp. Handler/hode/bevegelse – White bitch, well constructed, g. front, very good head, short back, very typey, wicked eye expr., moved well. 

52-Pariben Devils Essance: HP2, 2BTK, sp. Handler/bevegelseBeste bevegelser tispe – Bb bitch, v. well constructed, g. front, g. chest, g. quarters, g. expr, mouth level, moved well. 

54-Quest Alma Mater: 3, sp. bevegelse – White bitch, g. substance, g. depth of chest, straight front, well balanced, strong head, mouth ok, moved well. 

49-Buffalo Bull´s One to Love: 4 – Brindle bitch, very well made, g. straight front, g. depth of chest, lev. Bite, v.g. outline, corr. tailset, movement erratic. 

48-Sagacious Debutant: 5, sp. hode – White bitch, g. front, very g. head, inverted canine, short back, g. substance, moved well, could lose a few pounds. 


Tispe Åpen Klasse 4-7 år: 

56-Dulciana Bluebell: HP 1, 3BTK, Sp. Hode/bevegelser - Bb bitch, top quality, straight front, well balanced, g. head, corr. Bite, well set tail, g. quarters, moved well. 

55-Marvidas Hertuginne Ida: 2 – Tri bitch, ok head, need more fill under eye, g. mouth, straight front, g. forechest, mod length, moved close behind. 

57-Dazlin Diamonique: 3 – White bitch, heavy bone, g. depth of chest, strong head, mouth ok, strong quarters, would benefit from losing a few pounds, movement ok, a bit loose in front. 

58-Quest Pristine Panache: 4 – White bitch, average head, can`t see canine, g. front, terriertypepuppystyle, moved ok. 


Tispe Senior:  

59-Mad About Bullweiser:  HP 1, BTK 4, sp handler, sp hodeBeste hode tispe. BIS senior- white bitch, well balance, super head, mouth ok, g. bone, g. quarters, a little wide in front, movement ok, well handled, credit for her age. 

62-Buffalo Bull´s I´m Imperial Ivana: 2 – White bitch 9 yrsmooth level well balanced, g. depth of head, g. eye, moderate length, movement ok. 

63-Martial´s Breed Andurillis Ice: 3 – White bitch, well balanced, mouth ok, kind expr., g. condition, movement ok, nearly 9 yrs. 

64-Bullenoias Hedda Heartbraker: 4 – sp bevegelser, White bitch, strong head, level bite, lots of substance, straight front, g. quarters, moved well. 


Tispe Veteran:  

66-Buffalo Bull´s Germanmade Greta: BIS veteran – Bb bitch, well balanced 12 years old, g. front, g. condition, enjoying her day, credit to the breed, movement ok. 

65-Great Chiefs Minni Mus: 2 – Bb bitch 10 yrs, decent head, corr. Mouth, g. construction terrier type, g. condition, moved ok, credit to the breed. 



Bullenoia : BIS Oppdretterklasse – The breeder seems to be keeping in type what seems to be middle of the road type. Credit to you. 



Golden League Star Fruit Rider:  BIS 1 – I am under the impression that the father is putting his stamp on his offspring. 

Dazlin Diamonique: 2 – Seeing them together I am under the impression that the father has given his stamp to the offspring. 


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