Helgesamling og utstilling 2022





~ Presentasjon av årets dommer, Ms Helen Miller (kennel Cornton) ~

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My love of Cairns has been almost life long, as my Aunt and Uncle bred them, and from a very early age I was an addict!

Growing up amongst them and being taken to shows from about the age of eight my ambitions became clear – one day I would own, show, breed and judge them!

I was given my first Cairn in 1963 – Cornton Torrie. Started showing (in a very modest way!) soon after that, bred my first litter in 1986 and judged my first show  in  2011.

I shared the Cornton Affix with my Aunt and Uncle from 1985 and became sole holder following my Aunt’s death in 1999.  Things have moved on and I have had more time to devote to my dogs following my retirement in 2000.

I am Secretary of The Cairn Terrier Club and Scottish Trustee for The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund. My current Cairn family numbers eight, I breed about two litters of pups per year and have judged at a number of shows (Limit and Open) in England and Scotland. I exhibit regularly at shows throughout UK and have so far obtained four Stud Book Numbers.

My love of Cairns and appreciation of them has continued to grow over the years and I  cannot imagine life without them. I just love their temperament and spirit.

I am very proud to be asked to judge in Norway - my first overseas appointment and very much look forward to visiting your beautiful country and meeting you all in May.


Vi ønsker at dette skal være en «dugnadshelg» som det pleier. Alle hjelper hverandre og bidrar med en kake, en gavepremie eller liten ting til utlodning, og ellers bidrar til en trivelig helg ved ringen eller rundt grillen!

Postboks 90, Økern, 0508 Oslo

(+47) 97 47 49 44