Open Show 2016


Tisper: Mark Davies - Kennel Sebsonic
Hanner: Mike Davies - Kennel Stormbull


BEST IN SHOW valp: Raystaff's Acromion
RES.BEST IN SHOW valp: Raystaff's Albae

BEST IN SHOW veteran: Krissvel's Magic Marvin

RES.BEST IN SHOW veteran: Misha

Mark Davies ~ Sebsonic

Firstly Thanks to the Officers and committee for inviting me to Judge in Norway for the first time, also I want to thank each and every Exhibitor who came under me, i appreciate your entries with their distances some of you had to travel to get to the showgrounds.
I want to thank personally both of my stewards Ms Ada Marie Yssen and Camilla B Tinnesand who were a massive help in making things run very smoothly and translating my critiques it was a pleasure to meet two lovely girls thanks again.
Although I’ve not made any critiques in this summary as you all had them on the day, i was largely impressed with the overall quality throughout the classes from the baby right through to the champions, you are doing a lot of good things in your breeding, and long may that continue.
 I’m pretty pleased with all my winners, with some very strong classes to choose from, some exhibits did enough to think they could do well in the UK, some slightly let down by conditioning and ring craft, the mouths were also very impressive.
I’ll not mention the dogs in this summary as i’ll leave that to Mike to enlighten you on his thoughts, but a massive well done to the club and a brilliant day and to all you exhibitors who brought your fantastic bitches for me to judge.

Not forgetting the magnificent five, Maritha, Bente, Grethe, Therese & Marianne for putting on a fantastic show, with awesome prizes eg. trophies, cups, rosettes and loads of dog food , the show looked very professional and was run to perfection, then to top it off after judging with loads of beers and a huge barbecue with great company throughout the night, I would recommend anyone getting offered to judge this show please accept it as it, it was a brilliant weekend and a lovely venue with lovely dogs….

Lastly another Big Shout out to the committee for looking after us and getting us to the airport on schedule, Many Thanks Guys hope to meet you all again !!!

Mark Davies ~ Sebsonic

Resultater Open Show 2016

4-6mnd hannhund valp
1. Zicostaff`s Heart Of Darkness

6-9mnd hannhund valp

1. Raystaff`s Acromion
2. Ramblestaff Take A Bow
3. Bravestaff`s Demonstration Of Power
4. Josvastaff`s Harley Davidson
5. Joddricks Full House

4-6mnd tispe valp
1. Bad Moon Rising
2. The Devil Inside The Star

6-9mnd tispe valp
1. Raystaff`s Albae
2. Te Ora Magic Crown Jewel
3. Miraristaff Samsara
4. Catstaff`s Extraordenary
5. Ronjastaff`s Watch Out Goldstaff

Junior hannhund
1. GaleoStaff`s La Familia
2. Goldstaff`s Going In Style
3. Izzari Humphrey Bogart
4. Bullbraatens Goodwood
5. GaleoStaff`s Living La Vida Loca

Unghund hannhund
1. Jealous Much Of Spirit-Staff`s
2. Crudha Nordic Soul
3. Aldwych Romeo At Catstaff
4. Celunas Lunatic
5. Astropika`s Astro Rebel

Åpen hannhund
1. Nightstaff Fascination
2. Winningmood With Dalstaff
3. Jahvestaff`s Burn Diesel
4. Danny The Dog Av Cirkusborgen
5. Goldstaff`s Checkpoint

Champion hannhund
1. N DK SI UCH Goldstaff`s Crack The Code
2. NUCH NV-13 Staffgold Search  And Discover
3. NORD UCH Lovestaff Bold &Beautiful
4. NORD UCH DKJV-14 NJV-14 El Doradostaff Billy The Kid
5. N DKUCH Celunas Grand Slam

Veteran hannhund
1. AD Krissvel`s Magic Marvin

Junior tispe
1. Ckstaff`s Adventure Made Sunshine
2. Mirenzo`s Margarita
3. Chemistry Connect To Bravestaff
4. Nightstaff High On Emotion
5. Cometstaff Japanese Lantern

Unghund tispe
1. Bravestaff`s La Bella Carmen
2. Diamonds Of Blanch Vikig Spirit
3. Celunas Little Miss Muffet
4. Miraristaff Gallant Princess
5. Bravestaff`s Sexy Girlfriend

Åpen tispe
1. Mirenzo`s Kahlua
2. Goldstaff`s Crystal Clear
3. Eye Catcher av Cirkusborgen
4. Ginstean Dreams Come True
5. Stavenstaff`s Femme Fatale

Champion tispe
1. NUCH Zican`s Rhoma
2. NUCH NORDV-14 Jahvestaff`s Xxx Xi
3. GRUCH Staff Diamonds Jennifer Lopez
4. N SE UCH Izzari Embla Rose
5. S N DK UCH KBHV-13 Wiped Out Pokerface

Veteran tispe
1. Misha
2. NUCH Jahvestaff`s Fighting Mira
3. Kedisto`s Yen

Veteran tispe +10
1. Aalbulls Pina Colada

1BHK N DK SI UCH Goldstaff`s Crack The Code
2BHK Nightstaff`s Fascination
3BHK NUCH NV-13 Staffgold Search  And Discover
4BHK Winningmood With Dalstaff
5BHK Jealous Much Of Spirit-Staff`s

1BTK Mirenzo`s Kahlua
2BTK Ckstaff`s Adventure Made Sunshine
3BTK NUCH Zican`s Rhoma
4BTK Bravestaff`s La Bella Carmen
5BTK NUCH NORDV-14 Jahvestaff`s Xxx Xi

Best in Show

BIS                     - Goldstaff Crack The Code
resBIS                - Mirenzo`s Kahlua 
BIS VALP           - Raystaff`s Acromion
resBIS VALP       - Raystaff`s Albae
BIS Jr                 - Ckstaff`s Adventure Made Sunshine
resBIS Jr            - GaleoStaff`s La Familia
BIS unghund      - Bravestaff`s La Bella Carmen
resBIS unghund - Jealous Much Of Spirit-Staff`s
BIS vet               - Krissvel`s Magic Marvin
ResBIS vet         - Misha

BIS Oppdretter       - Goldstaff
BIS Avlsklasse       - Winningmood With Dalstaff
BIS HODE              - Chemistry Connect To Bravestaff
resBIS HODE         - Nightstaff Fascination
BIS BEVEGELSER  - Goldstaff Crack The Code
resBIS BEVEGELSER - Bravestaff`s La Bella Carmen
BIS PAR                - Goldstaff Crack The Code & Goldstaff's Crystal Clear
resBIS PAR           - Izzari Embla Rose & Izzari Humphrey Bogart

Med forbehold om skrivefeil. 




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